In the Depths of Remembrance

In the serene depths of Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona battleship stands as a poignant memorial to the 1,102 sailors and Marines who found their final rest within its submerged remains. The USS Arizona Memorial, a solemn testament to the tragic events of December 7, 1941, stands as a beacon of remembrance and reflection.

Symbol of Sacrifice

Resting in about 40 feet of water off the coast of Ford Island, the USS Arizona remains a powerful symbol of sacrifice. The Pearl Harbor National Memorial now encompasses the sunken battleship, offering a place of contemplation and reverence. Dedicated to all who perished in the Pearl Harbor attack, the memorial spans across the ship’s remnants, serving as a tangible connection to the past.

Artifacts and Fragments

While most of the ship remains hidden, fragments and artefacts have found their way into various corners of history. Wilber Bowers, an Arizona University graduate, salvaged a ship’s bell in 1944, ensuring its preservation at the University of Arizona. This bell, a tangible link to the ship’s legacy, resides in a specially crafted tower, echoing the resilience of those who served.

Frozen in Time: Underwater City

Divers who brave the depths witness a haunting city frozen in time. The underwater landscape reveals fragments of life – a uniform on a hanger, shaving kits, cooking pots, and shoe soles – a poignant reminder of the human presence aboard the vessel, telling the story of a floating city abruptly extinguished by war’s horrors.

Respectful Exploration

Out of respect for the fallen, divers refrain from entering the ship. Instead, they explore its interiors through remotely operated vehicles. Amidst the wreckage, a coiled fire hose stands as a silent witness to the overwhelming forces that engulfed the USS Arizona, a testament to the impossibility of battling the inferno.

Enduring Impact: The Seeping Oil

Sunk in 1941, the USS Arizona continues to seep approximately 500,000 gallons of oil into the harbour, a sombre reminder of the enduring impact of that tragic day. Almost 70 years after its demise, the battleship persists in releasing up to 9 quarts of oil daily, a poignant echo of a vessel that refuses to be forgotten.

Hallowed Grounds of Remembrance

Standing on the hallowed grounds of the USS Arizona Memorial, we are reminded of the profound significance of Pearl Harbor, the enduring legacy of the battleship, and the sacrifice of those who rest beneath the waves. The memorial stands not only as a testament to history but as a promise to remember, ensuring that the echoes of that day will resonate through generations to come.

USS Arizona Memorial is a tribute to the sailors and Marines who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The memorial is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Here’s a breakdown of the features in connection with the USS Arizona Memorial:

1.Three Main Parts
Entry: This is likely the entrance area where visitors approach the memorial.
Assembly Room: The central assembly room with seven large open windows on either wall and ceiling serves as a symbolic space commemorating the date of the attack.
Shrine: The shrine could be a dedicated area within the memorial for reflection and remembrance.

2. Symbolic Windows:
– The seven large windows in the assembly room likely symbolize something related to the attack, though not the rumoured 21-gun salute or 21 Marines standing at parade rest.

3.Opening in the Floor:
– This feature allows visitors to toss flowers into the opening as a way of paying tribute to the fallen sailors. Originally, leis were tossed into the water, but due to environmental concerns, they are now placed on guardrails in front of the names of the fallen.

The National Memorial is a significant historical site, providing a place for reflection on the events of December 7, 1941, and honouring the memory of those who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The memorial is built over the sunken remains of the USS Arizona battleship, which still lies at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. Visitors can access the memorial by boat and experience a solemn and respectful environment dedicated to the memory of the fallen servicemen.

Solemn Resting Place: A Cemetery Underwater

Today, Arizona rests submerged, where she fell, More than 900 sailors and Marines could not be recovered. The overwhelming majority of those men were cremated in the blast. For those like Blount, the memorial represents a cemetery — a solemn resting place.

Preserving History: Wilber Bowers’ Act

Not all components of the Arizona rest at the harbour’s seabed. In 1944, Wilber Bowers found one of the ship’s bells wasting away in a shipyard. He sent the bell to the University of Arizona, where it remains to this day in a tower created for its preservation.

Scattered Reminders: Artifacts of a City at Sea

Remnants of the community that existed aboard Arizona are strewn throughout the submerged wreckage, including a uniform hanging on a rack, shaving kits, cooking pots, and shoe soles.

A Symbolic Recommission: The Aftermath

The Arizona sank and the ship continued to burn for more than two days. Efforts were made to retrieve bodies, but eventually, the decision was made to leave more than 900 entombed in the ship’s wreckage. In 1942, the Arizona was deemed a total loss and, unlike other vessels, was not raised. Different sections of the battleship were recovered and repurposed in support of the war effort.

Remembering the Fallen: USS Arizona Memorial Programs

The memorial, constructed over the remnants of the ship, stands as a dedication to all those who lost their lives during the attack. The USS Arizona and its crew are memorialized at the University of Arizona Mall.

Conclusion: A Timeless Tribute to Sacrifice and Resilience

As visitors stand on the hallowed grounds of the USS Arizona Memorial, they are reminded not only of the profound significance of Pearl Harbor but also of the enduring legacy of the battleship and the sacrifice of those who rest beneath the waves. The memorial stands as a timeless tribute, promising to remember and ensuring that the echoes of that tragic day will resonate through generations to come. The USS Arizona, with its seeping oil and preserved artefacts, remains a symbol of sacrifice and resilience, encapsulating the profound significance of the events that unfolded on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor.