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Japanese Surrender

Japanese Surrender

Pearl Harbor 1-1 Japanese Surrender
Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital, Shunkichi Kikuchi, Hiroshima Peace Media Center, CCPDM1
Pearl Harbor 2-2-scaled Japanese Surrender
Surrender of Japan, 2 September 1945: U.S. Navy carrier planes fly in formation over the U.S. and British fleets in Tokyo Bay during surrender ceremonies. The battleship USS Missouri (BB-63), where the ceremonies took place, is at left. The light cruiser USS Detroit (CL-8) is in the right distance. Aircraft include Grumman TBM Avenger, Grumman F6F Hellcat, Curtiss SB2C Helldiver and Vought F4U Corsair types., U.S. Navy photo 80-G-421130, National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the National Archives Identifier (NAID) 520775, PD-USGov

Japanese representatives arrived at 0856, led by Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu. Then at 0902, General MacArthur conducted the 23 minutes surrender ceremony in which he called for justice, tolerance and rebuilding. Next, General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz were the first to sign the Japanese surrender document; then, the following international delegates signed on behalf of their countries:

Pearl Harbor 3 Japanese Surrender
Surrender of Japan, Tokyo Bay, 2 September 1945: Representatives of the Empire of Japan on board USS Missouri (BB-63) during the surrender ceremonies. Army Signal Corps, Naval Historical Center Photo # USA C-2719, PD-USGov
Pearl Harbor 4-2 Japanese Surrender
under the surrender of Japan to the Allies (U.S. and China), Unknown author, POWWII, circa 1945, PD-ROC-PRC, PD-USGov

The 11 Japanese delegates left at 0930, and World War II was officially over. After the Japanese surrender, the Battleship Missouri was awarded three battle stars for its contributions to WWII.
After WWII, the Battleship Missouri had two tours of duty in the Korean War and fought valiantly in the Gulf Persian War. Today the USS Missouri is a Museum Ship docked at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, and is open to the public 362 days a year. While touring the Battleship Missouri, visitors can stand precisely where Admiral Nimitz and General MacArthur signed the Japanese surrender document.

Pearl Harbor 5 Japanese Surrender
Battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) in Pearl Harbor,, ErgoSum88, CCPDM1
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