Proper Behavior While Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

The entrance to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial on a typical sunny day on Oahu.

Over the years, the National Park Service has gotten more lenient with visiting the USS Arizona Memorial. However, there are a few things to be aware of that would be frowned upon by the National Park Service.

Restricted Behavior While Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial

Remember that taking pictures at the USS Arizona Memorial’s entrance is not allowed upon arrival; however, you can take photos on the dock when you depart.

Sending and receiving cellular phone calls are not permitted; the National Park Ranger on duty will immediately request you to stop the phone call. In addition, visitors are asked not to create loud laughter, and any yelling is unacceptable at the Memorial.

The entranceway into the flag room on the Arizona Memorial Monument. Once on the USS Arizona Memorial, you are standing above the graves of hundreds of US Navy personnel who remain entombed within the wreck of the USS Arizona Battleship.

View of the number 3 turret barbette of the USS Arizona Battleship. As you look into the water, remember that the wreck of the USS Arizona Battleship is the home for sea life as well as the resting place for hundreds of American Sailors.

In addition, spitting off the USS Arizona Memorial is not allowed. Either eating or throwing any items into the water except for individual flowers. (Flower leis cannot be thrown into the water) No tour escorts are allowed on the Memorial, and no narrated tours can be given.

The behavioral rules for the USS Arizona Memorial may seem very restrictive. However, the US Navy and the National Park Service want a quiet, solemn, and respectful atmosphere since the USS Arizona Memorial is a shrine and cemetery for the fallen WWII heroes still encased in the hull of the Battleship Arizona.

The Memorial wall in the shrine room on the Arizona Memorial Monument. This wall serves as a reminder of the human toll of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is important to remain respectful while on the Arizona Memorial Monument.

The entrance to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, when you enter the facility, you are on Federal Land and is under the jurisdiction of Federal Law Enforcement.

Restricted Behavior While Visiting the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

Tour Escorts know they cannot take their passengers through the museums or on the battleship USS Arizona Memorial; if the National Park Service catches them, it is a $500 fine. The tour guides can enter the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, secure their guests’ USS Arizona Memorial tickets, and brief their passengers on the layout and timing of the tour.

The only time. that the Park Rangers will interfere with your tour is if you leave the designated pathways, if you climb on the USS Arizona battleship’s anchor for picture taking, or if you are disturbing other guests.

5 Important Things to Know

1. You need to be at the theater entrance 5 minutes before your ticket time, if you miss your tour time, usually all the following tours are sold out for the day, and you may miss your lifetime chance to visit the USS Arizona Memorial.

2. No restrooms exist in the theaters, on the shuttle, or at the USS Arizona Memorial. Be sure to go to the toilet before your movie time.

3. If you feel a little hungry and need a snack, the best dining area is in the courtyard by the USS Bowfin Submarine.

4. Take time to shop in the USS Arizona Memorial Museum Store; the National Park Service historian has approved every item, and most merchandise cannot be found at any other store in Hawaii. Also, revenue proceeds after expenses go back to the National Park Service to help pay for the upkeep of the USS Arizona Memorial and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Shopping at this store is like donating your money to the destination and getting a great souvenir to remember your experience.

5. If you have a bit of time to spare before your theater tour time, the one thing to do that is a must, is to go into the Attack Museum and view that “Battlefield Oahu” documentary movie that plays every 15 minutes. This $1 million movie will leave you speechless and emotional and explain everything you need to know about Dec 7, 1941.

A line to the entrance to the USS Arizona Memorial theater. In order to accommodate the thousands of visitors, daily in an efficient and safe manner, it is important to follow the rules and regulations while at Pearl Harbor.