USS Arizona Memorial Ticket – Pearl Harbor Ticket

The most visited attraction in Hawaii is the USS Arizona Memorial. The Island of Oahu has up to 25,000 visitors on any given day. Up to 5,000 people go to Pearl Harbor National Memorial each day, meaning that around 2 million people go to Pearl Harbor each year! With that many people going to Pearl Harbor, it is easy to see that it is also one of the busiest places in Hawaii. While many people are going to Pearl Harbor to visit USS Missouri BattleshipUSS Bowfin Submarine or Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum But, all there to visit Arizona Memorial Monument and show their respect to the American heroes who lost their lives during Pearl Harbor Attack. (United States Casualties in Pearl Harbor Attack)
Unfortunately, there are a limited number of Arizona Memorial Tickets per day, meaning that not everyone that goes to Pearl Harbor will get to go to the Arizona Memorial Monument. In order to ensure that as many people as possible get to go to the Arizona Monument in the safest, most efficient way possible, the National Park Service uses tickets with specific program times. Generally, there are 150 tickets for any given ticket time. The Arizona Memorial Program runs every 15 minutes. They usually ask that you be at the theater 15 minutes before the time on your ticket. Because of the sensitivity of the times, they cannot wait for people who are late. If you miss your designated Pearl Harbor ticket time, then that is all. There is no way of getting it back; that time has expired and has passed. You would either have to go on standby in the chance that someone else did not show up for their ticket time or reserve another ticket on a different day. If you have a large family, then standby can be almost impossible. Because there are usually more people than tickets, there is a line of people waiting on Pearl Harbor standby line in the chance that someone does not show up. If you miss your time, the seat will be given to someone waiting on standby. Because of this, there are sometimes dozens more waiting on standby just on the off chance that someone did not show up.

Ways To Go And See The USS Arizona Memorial:

There are generally two ways to get an Pearl Harbor Ticket means Arizona Memorial ticket and to manage your time at Pearl Harbor. The choice as to which option is up to you.

Option 1: You reserve the ticket on your own through the National Park Service Website. The tickets for any given day become available two months in advance. Once those are sold out, there is another set that becomes available three days before the given date. These tickets can sell out quickly, sometimes in seconds. If you would like to reserve the tickets and go to Pearl Harbor Tour on your own, here is what you need to do.
1) Go to the National Park Service website and reserve the tickets. They are free, but there is a $1 reservation fee for reserving online.
2) Once you have gotten the tickets that you need, be sure to mark your calendar for the date of your Pearl Harbor tickets.
3) Make sure that you have transportation arranged to go to Pearl Harbor. You can rent a car, catch the city bus, catch a taxi, or use a ride-share.
4) If you rent a car, you will need to drive to Pearl Harbor and find parking. (Parking can be hard to find and it is very limited at Pearl Harbor National Memorial)
5) Make sure you get to Pearl Harbor well in advance of your ticket time.
6) Go to the ticket counter to redeem your ticket voucher.
7) Make sure to be in line at least 15 minutes before the time on your ticket. Remember, if you are late, you may be locked out of the theater, and your ticket will have expired.
8) If you missed your time, you can either stand in the standby line or try and reserve a ticket for another day.

Option 2: The other way to get to see the USS Arizona Memorial is by booking a Pearl Harbor Tour. The procedure is quite simple.
1) Book a Pearl Harbor Tour. That is all and let other to deal with all hassles and problems and obstacles on your behalf and sit back and enjoy your wonderful Hawaiian vacation.
For the price of a tour, you can let them take care of everything for you. All you have to do is show up at the pickup location on time, and that is it. Most Pearl Harbor Tours include the Arizona Memorial Tickets. This way, you do not have to worry about getting tickets in advance. There is no need to arrange your own transportation. You also don’t have to worry about making it to Pearl Harbor in time since the transportation is included and the ticket times are appropriate for the tour. No need to worry about parking at Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. The driver/guide will take you into the Visitor Center, give you an orientation, and put the Pearl Harbor ticket right in your hand. Your only responsibility would be to be ready and in line at the theater around 15 minutes before the time on your ticket. Then the question is, which tour company should you book a tour with? In truth, there are a lot of great companies out here. However, we feel our tours are a cut above. For one thing, we have small group tours of 11 passengers or less consider smallest and best Pearl Harbor Tours on Oahu, but at the price of a large bus tour. We even offer a great variety of Private Pearl Harbor Tours. We offer great service at unbeatable prices and quality. Check our selection of discounted Pearl Harbor Tours, Private Pearl Harbor Tours, Our Oahu Tour selections and Pearl Harbor Island Hopping Tours which flying out of MauiKauaiHilo and Kona islands to Pearl Harbor by clicking on the name of tour you are interested or island you are coming from.

One Important Thing To Remember

While the National Park Service manages the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, the US Navy operates the shuttle boats that go to and from the Arizona Memorial. As far as the safe operation of the shuttle boats, the US Navy has the final say. They can suspend the operation of the shuttle boats if they determine that the conditions on the water are too hazardous to continue. For example, if the wind picks up over about 28 miles per hour and the waves become too high, the Navy can shut down the shuttle for safety. If there is a storm on the way, such as a hurricane, the Navy can shut down the shuttles. Even if the wind is not strong, if there is lightning, the Navy will shut down the shuttles. Then there are other environmental factors. Such as, when an endangered sea turtle was seen swimming near the Arizona Memorial, they had to suspend the shuttles until it swam away. Of course, then there are the emergencies. If there is an emergency, such as a bomb threat, they will have to shut down the shuttles. The bottom line is that the US Navy does have the final word on the operation of the shuttles. Once a shutdown occurs, usually that is it. The tickets are lost since the times would have expired. If you got the tickets on your own, that is usually the end of it. However, if you bought a tour, sometimes there is a chance that they are able to do something for you. Such as having you go again on another day, to provide tickets to one of the other attractions, it depends on the company and their policies.

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