US Flags Flown Over The USS Arizona Memorial

The flag of the United States is a popular souvenir or gift for people who visit Pearl Harbor. There is a program where you can purchase flags that were flown over the Arizona Memorial Monument.

US flags that have been flown over the USS Arizona Battleship make a great and unique gift for someone special. Thousands of US flags are flown annually on December 7th and Memorial Days and sold in the USS Arizona Memorial Museum Store. All flags are Made-in-America, are available in cotton or rayon, and are offered in the following sizes:

3’ by 5.’
4’ by 6.’
5’ by 8.’

These flags are flown over the Memorial in its Flag room by Naval sailors who volunteer to assist in this tradition. A Navy officer and a National Park Service Ranger oversee the operation to ensure that each flag is shown military respect, folded properly, dated, and timed when flown. The flags are then turned over to Pacific Historic Parks for storage, inventoried, and distribution to the USS Arizona Memorial Museum Store. It’s a massive project that occurs at least twice a year.

The flag room as seen from the entrance to the Arizona Memorial Monument. The visitors who purchase flags flown over the USS Arizona Memorial are purchasing flags flown in this room.

The flags flown over the Arizona Memorial Monument come with certificates stating their authenticity and the date that the flag was flown over the USS Arizona Memorial.

It is possible to purchase a US Flag and have the National Park Service fly it over the USS Arizona Memorial on our particular date. You can arrange this through the USS Arizona Memorial Museum Store online at or bring your US flag to the National Park Service ticket counter, located in the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center courtyard, at least 72 hours before pick-up time. If you bring your own flag, there is no charge for the service of flying it over the USS Arizona Memorial. The USS Arizona Memorial Museum Store also sells various metal and wooden boxes with glass fronts, so your gift can be displayed proudly at work or home.

A few flags are still available that were flown on Dec 7, 2021, the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Each flag comes with a letter of authenticity from the National Park Service’s Superintendent on the date it was flown on the Memorial. Proceeds from these flags support the restoration, preservation, and educational programs at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and the USS Arizona Memorial.

Flags flown over the USS Arizona Memorial on specific days such as Veteran’s Day or December 7 are also available, but they are in high demand. They are available for purchase at the Pearl harbor Museum Store.