For many people, going to Pearl Harbor is a longstanding part of their dream Hawaiian vacation. Now that you are finally at Pearl Harbor, why not peruse the Pearl Harbor Museum Store for keepsakes and souvenirs? Something to remind you of your day at Pearl Harbor or something to take home with you as a gift for family and friends. The Pearl Harbor Museum Store has a wide variety of items for sale. Purchasing something from the store is also a way to help keep the memory of Pearl Harbor alive, as a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Park Service to help in the maintenance and upkeep of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store is located just inside the entrance to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store sells books written by Pearl Harbor survivors about the attack and about their life during WWII.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store stocks a wide variety of books. These books cover many aspects of WWII in the Pacific and will help broaden your knowledge of this critical point in history. From general histories covering the war as a whole, photography books for the coffee table, technical books on the fighting machines of WWII, and the personal stories of those who fought in the war. There will undoubtedly be something of interest for the history buff and casual reader alike. The store also stocks books that cover the history, culture, and breathtaking vistas of Hawaii.

A great way to remember your trip is with a commemorative T-Shirt. The Pearl Harbor Museum Store has a range of designs in a selection of sizes. Buy them for yourself or as a gift for someone special. As you wear them, these T-shirts will remind you of your trip to Pearl Harbor for many years to come.

The store stocks a variety of USS Arizona Memorial monument themed T-Shirts and other souvenirs.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store carries postcards and small toys with themes covering WWII and the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store stocks a variety of collectible children’s toys, models, and puzzles that can help spark a child’s interest in history through play. A fun fact, the building of the battleship Arizona Memorial was funded in part by the proceeds from the sale of plastic models of the USS Arizona Battleship. The Museum Store also carries a range of postcards. These are the perfect item to send to your friends and family or simply as something memorable for your photo album or scrapbook.

Are you a light traveler with very little room in your luggage for gifts? The Pearl Harbor Museum Store stocks a wide range of exclusive collectibles. From pins and lighters to Christmas ornaments, patches, and office accessories. These would make the perfect gift or just a keepsake for yourself. There is sure to be something for everyone. In addition, Pearl Harbor Museum Store offers an exclusive opportunity. You are able to purchase a flag that was flown on the Battleship Arizona Memorial. You can select from a range of specific dates, and each flag comes with an interpretive certificate, and a personalized message can be included as well. This is a unique item for yourself or as a gift for the veteran in your family.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store offers hundreds of books about Pearl Harbor and WWII.

Many WWII-themed children’s educational books are also available at the Pearl Harbor Museum Store.

In addition to the history books for adults, the Pearl Harbor Museum Store also carries a wide range of books for children. These books cover a range of topics, from Hawaiian history and culture to the history of WWII. From activity books to books offering the personal experiences of those who lived during this pivotal time in history, there is something offered that will start your child down the road to a lifelong appreciation of history.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store offers exclusive Pearl Harbor-themed jewelry for sale. These lines of jewelry include the Tree of Life collection based on the art piece called the Tree of Life designed by the architect Alfred Preis who designed the battleship Arizona Memorial. The Tree of Life motif was also incorporated into the shrine room of the battleship USS Arizona Memorial. Another exclusive line of merchandise is the Sadako Sasaki Crane Collection. This collection is based on the 1.000 origami cranes folded by Sadako Sasaki, a victim of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. One of these original cranes is on display in the “Attack” exhibit gallery at the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center.

Pacific Historic Parks commissioned several Jewelry lines associated with Pearl Harbor. Such as the Tree of Life collection or the Pearl Harbor Shark goddess collection.

Exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise is sold at the Pearl Harbor Museum Store. These items are only available through Pacific Historic Parks at Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor Museum Store also offers exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise. These items are exclusive to Pearl Harbor and cannot be found anywhere else. There are three lines represented in this collection. The Rosie collection was inspired by the popular figure Rosie the Riveter. The sailor collection with a nautical motif. The Tsuru (crane) collection features origami cranes inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki, the atomic bomb survivor who became a symbol of world peace. These are a must-have for the avid Hello Kitty collector and make excellent gifts.

Hats are wonderful collectibles, and many people have a collection o hats. However, the Pearl Harbor-themed hats are something that should not be missed. From Pearl Harbor-themed hats to the highly collectible ship’s hats, there is a lot to choose from. The Navy ship ballcaps are based on the hats worn by personnel in the modern US Navy and some foreign navies. These have the name and silhouette of the ship they are serving on. As such, they have become a very popular collectible. The Ship ballcaps feature the ships of “battleship row.” Hats are also a good way to protect yourself from the bright Hawaiian sun.

Many different Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial-based designs are available at the Pearl Harbor Museum Store.

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