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Pearl Harbor Shark Goddess

Pearl Harbor Shark Goddess

The Pearl Harbor Shark Goddess is honored at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center!

Before Pearl Harbor became a Naval Base, it was a significant food source for Oahu. Ancient Hawaiians originally called this bay “Wai Momi,” meaning “Water of Pearl.” There were millions of oysters in the harbor and some of the largest fish ponds in Hawaii. The calm, crystal-clear water made it easy to harvest oysters and raise a variety of ono (delicious) fish.
All the locals knew of the Shark Goddess Ka’ahupahau and her brother Kahi’uka, guardians of Wai Momi, whom both lived in caves at the mouth of Pearl Harbor Bay. Ka’ahupahau was loved by the locals for her determination not to allow man-eating sharks to enter the harbor, thereby protecting the local fishers.

Pearl Harbor First-picture Pearl Harbor Shark Goddess
The USS Arizona Memorial Monument as seen on a clear day. Pearl Harbor has a history far longer than its use as a naval base.
Pearl Harbor Shark-Goddess-2 Pearl Harbor Shark Goddess
Close-up of a pendant from the Pearl Harbor Shark Goddess collection as commissioned by Pacific Historic Parks. This exclusive jewelry set is available at the Pearl Harbor Museum Store.
Pearl Harbor Address:
1 Arizona Memorial PL
Honolulu HI 96818
Hours of Operation:
Open: 07:00 AM
Close: 05:00 PM

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