After enjoying your time aboard the “Mighty MO“, why not stop by the gift shop and have a look around? Perhaps pick up a souvenir for yourself or gifts for friends and family. There is a wide selection of items for you to choose from and many of them would make for excellent gifts for family and friends back home. The battleship USS Missouri gift shop is located outside of the battleship which is a great location for last-minute shopping.

The USS Missouri Battleship Gift Store is located right outside of the USS Missouri Battleship on Ford Island.

The USS Missouri Battleship Gift Store is well stocked with Merchandise with a USS Missouri Battlehisp-theme as well as items for Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

In the gift store, you will find a wide array of USS Missouri-themed items. There will surely be something in the store that will pique your interest. Or perhaps just looking for gift ideas for the family and friends who did not come to Hawaii with you.

The USS Missouri Gift Shop has a range of USS Missouri-themed and WWII-themed clothing. Of note is the Rosie the Riveter-themed merchandise. Based on the popular image from WWII-era motivational posters declaring that women could work in jobs that were traditionally filled by men who were now on the front lines fighting on the other side of the world. The perfect gift for the history buff or just to proclaim the We Can Do It!

A line of apparel and souvenirs based on the WWII-era icon, Rosie the Riveter can be found at the USS Missouri Battleship Gift Store.

The USS Missouri Battleship Gift Store also stocks US Flags and Battleship Missouri books.

While in the gift store, don’t forget to peruse the book section. They have books for young and old who have an interest in learning more about WWII and the USS Missouri battleship. There are also collectible prints and commemorative newspapers heralding the end of WWII. The reprinted newspapers are reprints of the original edition with markings denoting them as reprints. They will look great when framed on your wall at home.

What could be better than something useful that will remind you of your Hawaii vacation? The USS Missouri Gift Store has a variety of mugs, glasses, beer glasses, and shot glasses for you to choose from. They would go well with the USS Missouri-themed shell flasks. The variety of mugs and shot glasses would also make great gifts for friends or family, especially as collector items. Every time you use them, you can be reminded of your Hawaiian vacation.

A line of Pearl Harbor or USS Missouri Battleship mugs are available for purchase.

Hawaiian or Pearl Harbor postcards make great souvenirs to send to friends and family who could not make it to Oahu.

The USS Missouri Gift Store has a variety of gifts for children. There are USS Missouri-themed toys and clothing that would make wonderful gifts for the children in your life. They would also be great gift ideas for Christmas or for any birthdays that happen to be close. There are also Missouri-themed postcards great to send to your friends or for your scrapbook or photo album.

The gift shop has a lot to offer with many unique USS Missouri-themed merchandise. The shell flasks are a whimsical way to commemorate your Hawaii vacation. They make the perfect gift or conversation piece at your next gathering.

USS Missouri Battleship shell flasks and mugs are great keepsakes to remember your Pearl Harbor tour.

USS Missouri Battleship Zippo lighters are a popular souvenir.

All of the gift shops at Pearl Harbor have unique Zippo Lighters. These are highly collectible items and make the perfect gift or addition to your collection. (Please be sure to follow all TSA regulations regarding lighters to ensure the lighter makes it home with you.)

The gift store also stocks snacks and drinks if you end up needing a little something to tide you over. The USS Missouri Gift Store also has a program where you can purchase a box of chocolates to be donated to veterans or active-duty military personnel who visit the battleship USS Missouri. You may also include a personalized message with your donation.

The USS Missouri Gift Store has a program where you can donate a box of chocolates to a veteran who visits the USS Missouri Battleship. You can leave a personalized message for them.

Battleship Missouri hats and T-shirts are great souvenirs to remember your Pearl Harbor tour.

The gift shop has a wide variety of hats to choose from. Hats are a good choice to help protect you from the bright Hawaiian sun. Headwear is a popular collectible for many people. Whether for yourself or the collector you know, the USS Missouri ship ballcap is a popular choice for the avid hat collector. With just the hats at the Pearl Harbor gift shops, you could start a decent collection.

Aloha shirts are a common sight in Hawaii and have been increasing in popularity all over the world. Get yourself or that special someone a USS Missouri-inspired aloha shirt. In Hawaii, aloha shirts are commonly used as office wear. Even the Governor of Hawaii wears them on a daily basis. They are great for casual wear and are a classy way to let people know that you have been to Hawaii.

Aloha shirts with the USS Missouri Battleship or USS Arizona Memorial make great gifts for your loved ones or yourself.

Battleship Missouri mugs and shot glasses are great souvenirs that will last for many years to com.

The USS Missouri Gift Shop is a great way to finish off your trip to the USS Missouri. Be sure to pick up a memorable souvenir that will also help keep the USS Missouri running as a portion of the proceeds go to funding the operation and upkeep of the USS Missouri museum.

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