Pearl Harbor Movie Theater

There are two first-class theaters at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, each with 150 seats. Please be sure you are there 5 minutes before your tour time. If you miss your assigned tour time, you may not be able to go on any other tour to the USS Arizona Memorial because they are usually sold out each day.

One of two screens that make up the Arizona Memorial Theater. The Theater seats 150 people and shows a 23-minute film about the Attack on Pearl Harbor including film footage from the day of the attack..

The line to enter the theater at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. People are let in shortly before their ticket time. The Arizona Memorial Theater also has a standby line incase someone does not show up for their ticket time.

It is possible to stand by at any time for the USS Arizona Battleship tour, and the best time to stand by with success is during the afternoon between 1 pm and 3 pm, which tends to have the most no-shows

The National Park Ranger will inform you which theater to go to for your 23-minute documentary on Pearl Harbor. There are two doors that you will exit upon completion of the film to board your Navy shuttle out to the Memorial; try to sit next to one of these doors. This will allow you to be the first on the boat; then, we recommend you sit next to the on-ramp or off-ramp of the ship (the Waikiki side is the best); this will allow you to be the first to get off at the Arizona Memorial.

Passengers board the US Navy shuttle which will soon depart for the USS Arizona Memorial Monument.