The USS Arizona Memorial’s Shrine Room

The shrine room of the USS Arizona Memorial is your final destination when you get on the Memorial. The Tree of Life design on both walls allows natural lights to illuminate the names of the fallen sailors and marines displayed on the large marble wall.

The tree of life sculpture at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. A similar design is displayed on both sides of the shrine room of the USS Arizona Memorial Monument.

The memorial wall is flanked by the tree of life design on the Arizona Memorial Monument. The memorial wall bears the names of those who died aboard the USS Arizona battleship during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The US Navy and the National Park Service’s goal is for the
The shine room has the names of the 1,032 fallen battleship USS Arizona servicemen carved in marble in alphabetical order. Please note that on the shrine wall, there are:

  • A father and son listed- John and Delbert Anderson
  • Of the 79 individual brothers were assigned to the battleship Arizona, 63
    died on Dec 7th
  • There are three sets of three brothers- the Beckers, the Dohertys,
    and the Murdocks, only one of each set survived.
  • The Warriners brothers were the only set of brothers to survive
    the attack. (not listed on the shrine wall)

Over the years, this marble wall has been replaced three times due to saltwater erosion. Each time it was replaced, minor changes were made to the names to correct spelling errors.

To the left of the shine, there is a plaque with 44 names of sailors that survived the bombing but later wanted to be interred with their shipmates within the Battleship. Throughout the years, the National Park Service has accommodated these burial requests and has conducted private ceremonies for their families aboard the Memorial, usually held on Dec 7th. In a few instances, the survivor did not have any family to attend the services; in these cases, the National Park Services invited the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center employees to participate so he could receive a proper burial.

The memorial wall on the Arizona Memorial Monument with the list of additional names of the survivors who chose to be interred in the wreck of the USS Arizona Battleship alongside their shipmates.