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USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

Pearl Harbor AZ-Page-1 USS Arizona Memorial
The USS Arizona Memorial as seen from a US Navy shuttle boat. Taken on a bright sunny day on Oahu.

Arizona Memorial Monument

Pearl Harbor AZ-Page-1._2.2 USS Arizona Memorial
The assembly room on the Arizona Memorial monument at Pearl Harbor, looking toward the shrine room.

Arizona Memorial Theater

Pearl Harbor AZ-Page-1._3 USS Arizona Memorial
Inside the theater at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. The theater plays a 23-minute documentary produced by the National Park Service, that includes film footage from the attack on Dec.7, 1941.

The first step in the Arizona Memorial Program is the National Park Service-operated 23-minute film. This film is played at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater. The theater is one of the original features of the Arizona Memorial. The theater has been playing the introductory film ever since the public program began. However, the actual film shown has been revised over the years. The theater is air-conditioned and features stadium-style seating with a seating capacity of 150. The theater auditorium has two screens; a new screening begins every 15 minutes. The film provides a summary of the causes leading up to the attack as well as a breakdown of the attack, including actual footage taken during the attack. The film also briefly covers the building of the Arizona Memorial.

Arizona Memorial Boat Ride

Pearl Harbor AZ-Page-1._44 USS Arizona Memorial
Pearl Harbor Navy boat on its way back from the Arizona Memorial Monument transferring Visitors to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

Once you leave the theater, passengers are directed down a ramp to get to the boat dock. The only way to get to the Arizona Memorial is by boat. Two shuttle boats rotate between the Visitor’s Center and Arizona Memorial every 15 minutes. While the National Park Service manages the Visitor’s Center and Arizona Memorial, the US Navy operates the shuttle boats. Every day, the Navy supplies the boats and sailors that shuttle the visitors to and from the USS Arizona Memorial. Their crews are immaculate in their dress whites and safely transport all passengers to the Memorial. Estimates are that the Navy spends at least a million dollars annually on fuel and maintenance of its Arizona shuttles. Each boat is able to accommodate 150 passengers. While only two shuttles are running at any one time, the Navy had a total of five shuttles in case there is a breakdown. The US Navy is responsible for the safe operation of the shuttles and reserves the right to suspend the operation of the boats should they deem conditions to be unsafe. They will decide upon a course of action as the situation arises.

Arizona Memorial Book Shop

Pearl Harbor AZ-Page-1._5 USS Arizona Memorial
Pearl Harbor Museum store offers hundreds of books written about the Pearl Harbor attack and WWII.

Don’t forget to check out the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center Bookstore. The bookstore is operated by the nonprofit Pacific Historic Parks. In addition to history books and reference materials, the bookstore offers a wide array of souvenirs and keepsakes. A portion of the proceeds goes toward funding the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. One unique gift option that the bookstore offers are the USS Arizona Memorial flags. These are flags flown over the Arizona Memorial. Each day the flag over the Arizona Memorial is raised and lowered. Each day a new flag is flown. A flag may be ordered that is to be flown on a specific date. Once the flag is lowered, it is folded in the traditional fashion, packed together with a certificate and personalized message, and shipped to the buyer. There are date restrictions such as flags flown on December 7, the Fourth of July, or Memorial Day and on days that Pearl Harbor National Memorial is closed.

Arizona Memorial Audio Set

Pearl Harbor Arizona-Audio-Set USS Arizona Memorial
USS Arizona Memorial Audio set stand staff in Pearl Harbor National Memorial talking to visitors

The Arizona Memorial is a truly memorable experience. The Arizona Memorial Audio Tour is a way to take your tour to the next level; The Arizona Memorial Audio Tour includes approximately 2 hours of narration that takes you through the exhibit galleries “Road to War” and “Attack,” providing information on the various artifacts and displays. There is also narration regarding the various outdoor exhibits, such as the battleship USS Arizona’s anchor. The narration even continues as you take the Navy shuttle out to the Arizona Memorial as well as on the Memorial itself. In fact, this is the only way to receive narration when you are on the Arizona Memorial. Your narrator through the audio tour is the famous actress Jamie Lee Curtiss. Her father, Tony Curtiss, is a WWII veteran. The Arizona Memorial audio tour is available in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Italian, and Russian.

Arizona Memorial VR Set

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