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Design of The USS Arizona Memorial

Design of The Uss Arizona Memorial

Pearl Harbor Design-of-the-Arizona-Memorial-1 Design of The USS Arizona Memorial
Sand Island internment camp – flood and fence, U.S. Army Signal Corps, JAPANESE CULTURAL CENTER OF HAWAI‘I, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
Pearl Harbor Arizona-1-scaled Design of The USS Arizona Memorial
Visitors entering the Arizona Memorial Monument. Thousands of people visit the Pearl Harbor National Memorial each day.

Alfred Preis’s description of his 184-foot structure was: “Wherein the design sags in the center but stands strong and vigorous at the ends, expresses initial defeat and ultimate victory … The overall effect is one of serenity. Overtones of sadness have been omitted to permit the individual to contemplate his responses … his innermost feelings.”

Pearl Harbor arizona-2-scaled Design of The USS Arizona Memorial
A view of the flag room as seen from the entrance to the Arizona Memorial Monument. The USS Arizona Memorial enjoys a very open design to let in a lot of natural light.
Pearl Harbor arizona-4-scaled Design of The USS Arizona Memorial
The assembly room is the main room on the Arizona Memorial Monument. The open structure allows a great view of the outside allowing you to see the exposed parts of the wreck of the USS Arizona Battleship.
Pearl Harbor Address:
1 Arizona Memorial PL
Honolulu HI 96818
Hours of Operation:
Open: 07:00 AM
Close: 05:00 PM

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