Visit The USS Utah Memorial

The USS Utah Memorial (BB-31)

The USS Utah is part of the Pearl Harbor Historic Site partners but is rarely discussed. Unfortunately, unless you have a valid military id, visitors cannot visit the USS Utah Memorial. Located on the north-western side of Ford Island, the Memorial is adjacent to Navy housing and thus is restricted for civilians from seeing it. This Memorial was dedicated to all the service members that lost their lives on December 7, 1941.

The Memorial consists of a simple white platform with interpretative signage that extends out to the sea, near the remains of the Battleship Utah. Fifty-eight US Navy officers and sailors died during the attack, and the ship could not be salvaged due to its severe damage and the thick mud that encased her. Her nickname is the “Forgotten Ship of Pearl Harbor” since there is little press or public ceremonies at her resting place.

The American flag flies over the USS Utah (AG-16) Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (USA), in February 1988. The Utah, originally a battleship prior to World War I, was later modified as a mobile bombing target and anti-aircraft gunnery training ship. Destroyed by torpedoes from Japanese Nakajima B5N2 bombers on 7 December 1941, the ship’s remains were studied by U.S. Navy divers of Mobile Diving Salvage Unit 1 as part of “Project Sea Mark”, a four-year undesea survey and mapping study of naval historic sites. The study was conducted in conjunction with the U.S. National Park Service’s Submerged Cultural Resource Unit., LCdr. Tracy Connors, USN, National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the National Archives Identifier (NAID) 6433122, PD-USGov


AG-16, Target/Gunnery Training Ship

S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
1 William D. Arbuckle, Sea2c 30 Joseph Barta, F3c
2 Rudolph P. Bielka, Lt. Comdr 31 Virgil C. Bigham, Sea1c
3 John E. Black, Lt. (jg) 32 John T. Blackburn, F1c
4 Pallas F. Brown, Sea2c 33 William F. Brunner, F3c
5 Feliciano T. Bugarin, OC2c. Killed by “friendly fire” aboard Argonne 34 Kenneth L. Lynch, Sea2c
6 John G. Little III, Lt. (jg) 35 Elmer H. Ulrich, F3c
7 George V. Chestnutt, Jr., Sea2c 36 Lloyd D. Clippard, Sea2c
8 Joseph U. Conner, F1c 37 John R. Crain, F1c
9 Michael W. Villa, F3c 38 Vernard O. Wetrich, FC1c
10 Glen A. White, F1c 39 Peter Tomich, CWT (PA)
S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
11 David L. Crossett, Sea1c 40 Billy R. Davis, F2c
12 Leroy Dennis, Sea2c 41 Douglas R. Rieckhoff, SM1c
13 William H. Dosser, Sea2c 42 Vernon J. Eidsvig, Sea1c
14 Melvyn A. Gandre, QM1c 43 Kenneth M. Gift, BM2c
15 Charles N. Gregoire, Sea2c 44 Herold A. Harveson, Lt. (jg)
16 Clifford D. Hill, Sea2c 45 Emery L. Houde, Bkr2c
17 David W. Jackson, Ens 46 Leroy H. Jones, Sea1c
18 William A. Juedes, SC2c 47 John L. Kaelin, Y3c
19 Eric T. Kampmeyer, GM3c 48 Joseph N. Karabon, F1c
20 William H. Kent, Sea1c 49 George W. LaRue, GM3c
S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
21 William E. Marshall, Jr., Sea2c 50 Rudolph M. Martinez, EM3c
22 Charles O. Michael, Lt. Comdr 51 Marvin E. Miller, Sea2c
23 Donald C. Norman, Sea2c 52 Orris N. Norman, F2c
24 Edwin N. Odgaard, EM2c 53 Elmer A. Parker, CSK (PA)
25 Forrest H. Perry, SC3c 54 James W. Phillips, Sea1c
26 Walter H. Ponder, MM1c 55 Frank E. Reed, SF3c
27 Ralph E. Scott, Sea1c 56 Henson T. Shouse, F1c
28 George R. Smith, Matt1c 57 Robert D. Smith, Sea1c
29 Joseph B. Sousley, Sea2c 58 Gerald V. Strinz, F3c

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