Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center

The new Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center is located in the courtyard of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and is just $7.99 per person. Easy-to-use equipment and personal instructions are provided. Here you can immerse yourself in the attack on Pearl Harbor by viewing five entertaining Virtual Reality Tours.

The Arizona Memorial Audio Desk. This dest is run by Pacific Historic Parks and rents out the Arizona Memorial Audio Tour.

The newest Arizona Memorial Audio Tour is being displayed by an employee of Pacific Historic Parks. These audio sets provide narration throughout the Pearl Harbor Visitor center as well as on the Arizona Memorial

1. Walk the Deck of the battleship USS Arizona Before the Attack- Now, you can walk the decks of the Battleship USS Arizona before she was destroyed. Meet some crew members and tour one of the most powerful warships of her era.

2. Witnessing the Attack on Battleship Row- This VR tour is offered in four segments and brings to life the devasting attack on Pearl Harbor’s Battleship Row. Witness history and learn how the Japanese bombing sank the US Battleships in their two waves of attacks.

Headsets for the Arizona Memorial Audio Tour. The Arizona Memorial Audio Desk will go through hundreds of audio tours each day.

The Arizona Memorial Audio Desk at the Pearl Harbor National Monument

3. Explore the USS Arizona Battleship Memorial Take a VR tour and visit the Memorial at your own pace; you can even read the names on the shine room wall and go on the roof of the Memorial and view Pearl Harbor from a 360-degree viewpoint.

4. Air Raid Pearl Harbor-This is no Drill! You will view the two waves of Japanese air attacks on Dec 7, 1941, from the deck of the USS Utah.

In addition to the Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour, the Arizona Memorial audio desk also rents out the Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality headset.

The Arizona Memorial is not the only historic site to use an audio set. Each of the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites uses an audio set.

5. Skies Over Pearl-This incredible VR Tour places you in the cockpit of a Japanese fighter plane as it attacks Pearl Harbor.