Pearl Harbor Naval Base and Ford Island are considered top security military installations. Yet, there is a National Monument and three nonprofit visitor destinations mingled within this very secure destination; this situation is very unusual for the U.S. military, especially when the country goes on high alert or if the nonprofit has an international evening event.

A view of the starboard side of the USS Bowfin submarine as seen from the Submarine Memorial Circle. Located in Bowfin submarine Park, the Submarine Memorial Circle pays tribute to all of the US Navy submarines that were lost in WWII.

Pacific Historic Parks is a nonprofit that helps to run some of the facilities at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. They operate the Pearl Harbor Museum Bookstore and manage the Arizona Memorial Audio Tour rentals.

The Pearl Harbor Historic Site partners are the Pearl Harbor National Memorial (which includes the National Park Service & the USS Arizona Memorial), Pacific Historic Parks, USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and the Battleship Missouri. Their top executives meet weekly to discuss the marketplace, issues, and opportunities to work together.

Besides the National Park Service being the caretaker of the USS Arizona Memorial, they also manage and oversee the USS Oklahoma Memorial and USS Utah Memorial, both of which are located on Ford Island. These two destinations are also part of the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites and are an essential part of the history of the Japanese attack on December 7.

The USS Oklahoma Memorial on Ford Island. The Oklahoma Memorial is located on Ford Island next to the USS Missouri battleship. The Memorial honors those who died aboard the USS Oklahoma battleship during the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.