Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Control Tower

Next to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum on Ford Island sits a two-story building with an orange and white striped tower rising 156 feet above the tarmac. This is the most famous landmark on Ford Island. You may pass by it on your way to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum if it is included in tour Pearl Harbor Tour. The building is called Building S84, and the tower is the Ford Island air control tower. This historic building is part of the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. This historic building was still under construction when the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941. While not completed, the tower was being used as an air traffic control tower and was shot at by the Japanese. The control tower was operating and directing aircraft throughout the attack and providing direction to aircraft from the USS Enterprise when they arrived at Pearl Harbor in the middle of the attack. The hangars that house the aviation museum were also attacked by Japanese planes. The tower was not always orange and white as it appears today. During WWII, it was painted in a gray camouflage pattern. It was painted in its distinctive bright colors well after the war. In addition to being used for air traffic control, the tower also doubled as a water tower. Building S84 also housed a garage, administrative offices, and aerological facilities in the two-story structure. After WWII, the building has seen many other uses as well, including use as a firehouse, chapel, and training facilities. The building had fallen into disuse by the late 1990s, as had the airfield and hangars. Building S84 has been leased by the US Navy, and restoration work is being done on it. There are plans to allow people to tour the tower in the future. If the tower looks familiar to you, it was featured in the 2001 Michael Bay movie Pearl Harbor.

At the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, you will discover the largest military aviation museum in the Pacific that features two giant hangers of authentic military aircraft and helicopters spanning from WWII to the Gulf Wars.

Bullet damage on Hangar 79 at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Evidence of the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941, remains to this day.

Located on Ford Island, this is the only Aviation Museum in the United States on an actual battlefield. At the entrance of their second hanger, you will view the authentic Japanese fighter bullet holes that blasted the building on December 7, 1941.

While on tour, you will learn the fascinating aviation history of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific. This tour includes Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum’s new audio tours available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.

An audio set for the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. There are also audio sets available for the Arizona Memorial Monument, the USS Bowfin submarine, and the USS Missouri battleship.

A Japanese A6M2b Zero fighter at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Such fighters took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Museum’s first hanger is about December 7 and the role of aviation played in the attack and defense of Pearl Harbor. The second hanger includes aircraft and helicopters from the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. This destination is for you if you love seeing and learning about historical military aircraft.

Transportation from the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center is included with admission.

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