Pearl Harbor Attack

The USS Chew (DD-106) was commissioned on December 12, 1918. She was one of the 111 Wickes-Class destroyers constructed during and just after WWI. She served in the Atlantic Fleet until 1922, when she was decommissioned and held as part of the reserve fleet. In 1940, she was reactivated as part of the mobilization effort in anticipation of war breaking out. On December 7, 1941, the USS Chew was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese Attacked. She was anchored just off of Ford Island, not far from where the USS Arizona Memorial is today. During the Pearl Harbor Surprised Attack, crewmembers went aboard the USS Pennsylvania to assist in defense of that ship. Two members of the USS Chew’s crew were killed when the USS Pennsylvania was hit by bombs. Meanwhile, aboard the USS Chew, the crew opened fire on Japanese aircraft claiming one shot down and one damaged. Immediately after the attack, she put to sea and conducted anti-submarine sweeps of the area just outside of the harbor. Her crew registered several contacts and made two depth charge runs, claiming two submarines killed, but there is no evidence of any enemy. submarines destroyed. The USS Chew remained in Hawaiian waters for the duration of the war. She conducted patrols and escorted ships around the Hawaiian Islands. She was decommissioned on October 10, 1945. Receiving only one battle star. 

1945. Note the late World War II configuration of this old destroyer: the aftermost of her original four smokestacks was removed, with the remaining three shortened; retention of midships torpedo tubes and original four 4/50 guns, with one gun, still mounted on her main deck aft; and K-Gun depth charge throwers in place of her after torpedo tubes. Chew's paint scheme is somewhat reminiscent of the 1941 vintage Camouflage Measure 1, with dark paint except on her smokestack tops and (apparently) her upper foremast., Unknown author, U.S. Navy photo, PD-USGov

The U.S. Navy destroyers USS Chew (DD-106) and USS Ward (DD-139) at the Hilo Sugar Docks, Territory of Hawaii, on 22 July 1941., Unknown author, U.S. Navy photo NH 80393, PD-USGov

S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
1 Mathew J. Agola, Sea2 2 Clarence A. Wise, F3c

Killed on the Pennsylvania