Pearl Harbor Attack

The USS Helena CL-50 was a modified Brooklyn -class light cruiser. She was commissioned on December 14, 1939. She was transferred to the Pacific fleet in September of 1940. On December 7, 1941, the USS Helena was moored inboard the Minelayer USS Oglala near the drydocks as she was slated to undergo some refitting later that month. She was behind the USS Pennsylvania, which was in the dry dock with Ford Island and battleship row off her starboard quarter and the USS California to starboard. When the initial wave of Japanese planes began their attack, the glare of the rising sun had made them mistake the USS Helena for the USS Pennsylvania. A torpedo was launched at the USS Helena. The torpedo passed under the USS Oglala, impacting Helena’s hull. Her machine spaces were flooded, which caused a loss of power. The crew began manning the anti-aircraft guns. The auxiliary generators started returning power to the guns. Through the second wave of the attack, her anti-aircraft fire managed to fend off further attacks. She set off for Mare Island in January 1941 for permanent repair and refit. She left for the warzone in July of 1942. The USS Helena served in the savage fighting in the Solomon Islands. The USS Helena was lost on July 6, 1943, in the battle of Kula Gulf after receiving three torpedo hits in rapid succession. Below is a list of the personnel killed on December 7, 1941. Please view the list to learn the names of those who lost their lives on that day.


Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941: View looking down Pier 1010 toward the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard's Drydock No. 1, in the center, which holds the battleship USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) and the burning destroyers USS Cassin (DD-372) and USS Downes (DD-375). Alongside Pier 1010, in the center middle distance, are the light cruiser USS Helena (CL-50), listing slightly from a torpedo hit, and the capsized minelayer USS Oglala (CM-4)., Unknown author, Naval History & Heritage Command Accession number 80-G-32953, PD-USGov

The U.S. Navy light cruiser USS Helena (CL-50) at a South Pacific base, between battles, circa in 1943. This image has been retouched to remove radar antennas from the gun directors and masts., Unknown author, Naval History & Heritage Command Accession number NH 95814, PD-USGov

S. No Name, RankS No.Name Rank
1 Salvatore J. Albanese, F2c 18 Thomas E. Aldridge, Sea2c
2 Robert A. Arnesen, F1c 19 Loren L. Beardsley, EM3c
3 Regis J. Bodecker, Y1c 20 illiam J. Carter, Sea2c
4 Luther E. Cisco, Sea2c 21 Allen A. Davis, F3c
5 Ernest B. Dickens, F2c 22 Richard H. Dobbins, EM2c
6 Robert N. Edling, RM3c 23 Leland E. Erbes, F2c
7 Robert J. Flannery, FC3c 24 Eugene D. Fuzi, FC3c
8 Arthur J. Gardner, WT2c 25 Robert D. Greenwald, Sea1c
S. No Name, RankS No.Name Rank
9 Arvel C. Hines, Sea2c 26 Donald W. Johnson, Sea2c
10 Ernest G. Kuzee, Sea1c 27 Carl R. Love, Sea2c
11 Marvin W. Mayo, FC2c 28 Orville R. Minix, Sea1c
12 Edo Morincelli, MM2c 29 Hugh K. Naff, Sea2c
13 John C. Pensyl, GM2c 30 Joe O. Powers, SK3c
14 Ralph W. Thompson, F3c 31 Edward B. Uhlig, Sea2c
15 John J. Urban, MM2c 32 enjamin F. Vassar, Sea2c
16 Hoge C. Venable, Jr., SK2c 33 swald C. Wohl, Sea2c
17 Michael C. Yugovich, EM2c