Pearl Harbor Attack

The USS Oklahoma BB-37 was a Nevada-class battleship. She was commissioned on May 2, 1916. She remained on the US East Coast during WWI. In 1927, she was modernized, receiving a new secondary gun arrangement and improvements to protection. The USS Oklahoma was in port on December 7, 1941. She was moored by Ford Island outboard of the USS Maryland and ahead of the USS West Virginia. She was one of the first ships to receive damage. She was hit by as many as eight torpedoes, but the total amount of hits remains unverified. The first two were stopped by the ship’s torpedo bulges and did not penetrate the hull. The second two hit al almost the same place. These penetrated the hull and started massive flooding. An additional two torpedoes or perhaps more also hit around the same location. With out-of-control flooding, the USS Oklahoma Battleship began to capsize. She rolled over until her masts hit the harbor floor and ceased the rolling. A large amount of the USS Oklahoma’s crew was trapped below decks, and a frantic rescue operation was initiated. Teams from the USS Vestal, which was also damaged in the attack, were sent with torches and cutting tools to try and cut the hull open to save as many as possible. As a result of the attack, 429 officers and men of the USS Oklahoma were killed. The second greatest loss of life during the attack. The USS Oklahoma was eventually righted in 1943. Salvage teams assessed the damage and removed any remains. She was deemed a constructive total loss as she was too old and the damage too heavy to warrant repair. The USS Oklahoma was decommissioned on September 1, 1944. She was sold for scrap after all her propulsion and armament were removed. In 1947, the hulk of the USS Oklahoma sank in a storm 500 miles from Hawaii. On December 7, 2007, a memorial to the crew lost on the USS Oklahoma was dedicated. The Memorial is located on Ford Island near the USS Missouri. Please view the list to learn the names of those who lost their lives on that day.

The U.S. Navy battleship USS Oklahoma (BB-37) passing Alcatraz prison, San Francisco Bay, California (USA), during the 1930s., USN, Official U.S. Navy photo NH 84546-KN from the U.S. Navy Naval History and Heritage Command, PD-USGov

Ship righted to about 30 degrees, on 29 March 1943, while she was under salvage at Pearl Harbor. She had capsized and sunk after receiving massive torpedo damage during the 7 December 1941 Japanese air raid. Ford Island is at right and the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard is in the left distance., U.S. Navy Photograph,, PD-USGov

S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
1 Marvin B. Adkins, GM3c 209 Willard H. Aldridge, Sea1c
2 Hugh R. Alexander, Lt. Comdr 210 Stanley W. Allen, Ens (VO-1)
3 Hal J. Allison, F2c 211 Leon Arickx, Sea1c
4 Kenneth B. Armstrong, Mldr1c 212 Daryle E. Artley, QM2c
5 John C. Auld, Sea2c 213 John A. Austin, Chf Carp
6 Walter H. Backman, RM2c 214 Gerald J. Bailey, Sea1c
7 Robert E. Bailey, SF3c 215 Wilbur F. Ballance, Sea1c
8 Layton T. Banks, Cox 216 Leroy K. Barber, F1c
9 Malcolm J. Barber, F1c 217 Randolph H. Barber, F2c
10 Cecil E. Barncord, EM3c 218 Wilber C. Barrett, Sea2c
11 Harold E. Bates, F1c 219 Ralph C. Battles, F2c
12 Earl P. Baum, Sea1c 220 Howard W. Bean, RM3c
13 Walter S. Belt, Jr., F1c 221 Robert J. Bennett, F3c
14 Harding C. Blackburn, Y3c 222 William E. Blanchard, Bmkr1c
15 Clarence A. Blaylock, F3c 223 Leo Blitz, MM2c
16 Rudolph Blitz, F1c 224 John G. Bock Jr., Sea2c
17 Paul L. Boemer, Cox 225 James B. Booe, Cbmster
18 James B. Boring, F2c 226 Ralph M. Boudreaux, MAtt1c
19 Lawrence A. Boxrucker, F2c 227 Raymond D. Boynton, Sea2c
20 Carl M. Bradley, F2c 228 Orix V. Brandt, Sea1c
21 Jack A. Breedlove, FC3c 229 Randall W. Brewer, MAtt1c
22 William Brooks, Sea1c 230 Wesley J. Brown, F1c
23 William G. Bruesewitz, Sea1c 231 James R. Buchanan, MM2c
24 Earl G. Burch, Bkr3c 232 Oliver K. Burger, WT1c
25 Millard Burk, Jr., Sea1c 233 Rodger C. Butts, SC1c
26 Archie Callahan, Jr., MAtt2c 234 Raymond R. Camery, F1c
27 William V. Campbell, Sea2c 235 Murry R. Cargile, Sea1c
28 Harold F. Carney, MM1c 236 Joseph W. Carroll, F2c
29 Edward E. Casinger, F2c 237 Biacio Casola, Sea1c
30 Carles R. Casto, F1c 238 Richard E. Casto, F2c
31 James T. Chesire, CPhM(PA) 239 Patrick L. Chess, SF3c
32 David Clark, Jr., Sea2c 240 Gerald L. Clayton, SK2c
33 Hubert P. Clement, FC1c 241 Floyd F. Clifford, Sea2c
34 George A. Coke, Sea1c 241 James E. Collins, Sea1c
35 John G. Connolly, Chf Pay Clk 243 Keefe R. Connolly, HA1c
36 Edward L. Conway, EM1c 244 Grant C. Cook, Jr., F1c
37 Robert L. Corn, FFC1c 245 Beoin H. Corzatt, F1c
38 John W. Craig, SK1c 246 Warren H. Crim, F3c
39 Samuel W. Crowder, F1c 247 William M. Curry, EM1c
40 Glenn G. Cyriack, SK2c 248 Marshall E. Darby, Jr., Ens
41 James W. Davenport, Jr., F1c 249 Francis D. Day, CWT (PA)
42 Leslie P. Delles, EM3c 250 Ralph A. Derrington, CMM (PA)
43 Francis E. Dick, Mus2c 251 Leaman R. Dill, EM2c
44 Kenneth E. Doernenburg, F1c 252 John M. Donald, SF3c
45 Carl D. Dorr, F2c 253 Bernard V. Doyle, Sea2c
46 Stanislaw F. Drwall, Pmkr1c 254 Cyril I. Dusset, MAtt1c
47 Buford H. Dyer, Sea1c 255 Wallace E. Eakes, SK3c
48 Eugene K. Eberhardt, MM1c 256 David B. Edmonston, Sea2c
49 Earl M. Ellis, RM3c 257 Bruce H. Ellison, RM3c
50 Julius Ellsberry, MAtt1c 258 John C. England, Ens
S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
51 Ignacio C. Farfan, MAtt1c 259 Luther J. Farmer, MM1c
52 Lawrence H. Fecho, F1c 260 Charlton H. Ferguson, Mus2c
53 Robert A. Fields, EM3c 261 William M. Finnegan, Ens
54 Francis C. Flaherty, Ens 262 James M. Flanagan, Sea2c
55 Felicismo Florese, OS2c 263 Walter C. Foley, Sea1c
56 George P. Foote, SK3c 264 George C. Ford, F2c
57 Joy C. French, Sea2c 265 Tedd M. Furr, CCM (AA)
58 Michael Galajdik, F1c 266 Martin A. Gara, F2c
59 Jesus F. Garcia, MAtt2c 267 Eugene Garris, MAtt2c
60 Paul H. Gebser, MM1c 268 Leonard R. Geller, F1c
61 George T. George, Sea2c 269 George H. Gibson, EM3c
62 George E. Giesa, F2c 270 Quentin J. Gifford, RM2c
63 George Gilbert, FC2c 271 Warren C. Gillette, Sea1c
64 Benjamin E. Gilliard, MAtt1c 272 Arthur Glenn, MM1c
65 Daryl H. Goggin, Mach 273 Jack R. Goldwater, RM3c
66 Charles C. Gomez, Jr., Sea2c 274 George M. Gooch, EM3c
67 Clifford G. Goodwin, Sea1c 275 Robert Goodwin, SC3c
68 Duff Gordon, CMsmth 276 Claude O. Gowey, F1c
69 Wesley E. Graham, Sea1c 277 Arthur M. Grand Pre, F1c
70 Thomas E. Griffith, RM3c 278 Edgar D. Gross, WT2c
71 Vernon N. Grow, Sea2c 279 Daniel L. Guisinger, Jr., Sea1c
72 William I. Gurganus, CEM (AA) 280 William F. Gusie, FC3c
73 Hubert P. Hall, Sea2c 281 Robert E. Halterman, Sea1c
74 Harold W. Ham, MM2c 282 Dale R. Hamlin, GM3c
75 Eugene P. Hann, GM3c 283 Francis L. Hannon, SF3c
76 George Hanson, MM1c 284 Robert J. Harr, F1c
77 Charles H. Harris, EM3c 285 Daniel F. Harris, CFC (PA)
78 Louis E. Harris, Jr., Mus2c 286 Albert E. Hayden, CEM (PA)
79 Harold L. Head, Sea2c 287 Robert W. Headington, Sea1c
80 William F. Hellstern, GM2c 288 Floyd D. Helton, Sea2c
81 Jimmie L. Henrichsen, Sea2c 289 William E. Henson, Jr., Sea2c
82 Harvey C. Herber, EM1c 290 George Herbert, GM1c
83 Austin H. Hesler, SM3c 291 Denis H. Hiskett, F1c
84 Joseph P. Hittorff, Jr., Ens 292 Frank S. Hoag, Jr., RM3c
85 Herbert J. Hoard, CSK (PA) 293 Joseph W. Hoffman, Mus1c
86 Kenneth L. Holm, F3c 294 Harry R. Holmes, F3c
87 James W. Holzhauer, Sea1c 295 Edwin C. Hopkins, F3c
88 Chester G. Hord, SK3c 296 Frank A. Hryniewicz, Sea1c
89 Charles E. Hudson, WT1c 297 Lorentz E. Hultgren, MM2c
90 Robert M. Hunter, Ens 298 Claydon I. C. Iverson, F3c
91 Willie Jackson, OC1c 299 Herbert B. Jacobson, F3c
92 Challis R. James, Sea2c 300 George W. Jarding, F3c
93 Kenneth L. Jayne, F3c 301 Theodore Q. Jensen, RM3c
94 Jesse B. Jenson, GM3c 302 Charles H. Johannes, Sea2c
95 Billy J. Johnson, F1c 303 Edward D. Johnson, F1c
96 Joseph M. Johnson, Sea1c 304 Jim H. Johnston, F1c
97 Charles A. Jones, Sea2c 305 Fred M. Jones, MM1c
98 Jerry Jones, MAtt3c 306 Julian B. Jordan, Lt.
99 Wesley V. Jordan, Sea1c 307 Thomas V. Jurashen, Sea2c
100 Albert U. Kane, F1c 308 John A. Karli, Sea1c
S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
101 Howard V. Keffer, RM3c 309 Ralph H. Keil, Sea1c
102 Donald G. Keller, Sea1c 310 Joe M. Kelley, Sea2c
103 Warren J. Kempf, RM3c 311 Leo T. Keninger, F1c
104 William H. Kennedy, F1c 312 Elmer T. Kerestes, F1c
105 David L. Kesler, Bkr2c 313 William A. Klasing, EM3c
106 Verne F. Knipp, Cox 314 Hans C. Kvalnes, Sea2c
107 William L. Kvidera, CM3c 315 D. T. Kyser, Sea2c
108 Elliott D. Larsen, Mus1c 316 Johnnie C. Laurie, MAtt1c
109 Elmer P. Lawrence, Sea1c 317 Willard I. Lawson, F3c
110 Gerald G. Lehman, F3c 318 Myron K. Lehman, Sea2c
111 Lionel W. Lescault, Bgmstr2c 319 Harold W. Lindsey, Sea2c
112 John H. Lindsley, F3c 320 Alfred E. Livingston, F3c
113 Clarence M. Lockwood, WT2c 321 Adolph J. Loebach, FC3c
114 Vernon T. Luke, MM1c 322 Octavius Mabine, MAtt1c
115 Howard S. Magers, Sea2c 323 Michael Malek, Sea2c
116 Algeo V. Malfante, SF2c 324 Walter B. Manning, EM1c
117 Henri C. Mason, Mus1c 325 Joseph K. Maule, Sea1c
118 Edwin B. McCabe WT1c 326 Donald R. McCloud, FC2c
119 James O. McDonald, F1c 327 Bert E. McKeeman, F1c
120 Hale McKissack, Sea1c 328 Lloyd E. McLaughlin, Sea2c
121 Earl R. Melton, MM1c 329 Herbert F. Melton, BM2c
122 Archie T. Miles, MM2c 330 Wallace G. Mitchell, Sea1c
123 Charles A. Montgomery, RM3c 331 John M. Mulick, HA1c
124 Ray H. Myers, Sea2c 332 George E. Naegle, Sea1c
125 Elmer D. Nail, F1c 333 Paul A. Nash, FC1c
126 Don O. Neher, EM3c 334 Arthur C. Neuenschwander, GM1c
127 Sam D. Nevill, Y3c 335 Wilbur F. Newton, Sea1c
128 Carl Nichols, Sea2c 336 Harry E. Nichols, SK3c
129 Frank E. Nicoles, F1c 337 Arnold M. Nielsen, BM1c
130 Laverne A. Nigg, Sea2c 338 Joe R. Nightingale, Sea1c
131 Charles E. Nix, SM3c 339 Camillus M. O’Grady, Sea1c
132 Charles R. Ogle, F1c 340 Eli Olsen, SK3c
133 Jarvis G. Outland, F1c 341 Lawrence J. Overley, FC2c
134 Alphard S. Owsley, EM3c 342 Millard C. Pace, F1c
135 James Palides, Jr., Mus2c 343 Calvin H. Palmer, Sea2c
136 Wilferd D. Palmer, Sea2c 344 George L. Paradis, PhM3c
137 Isaac Parker, MAtt3c 345 Dale F. Pearce, Sea2c
138 Walter R. Pentico, Sea2c 346 Stephen Pepe, WT1c
139 Charles F. Perdue, SF1c 347 Wiley J. Perway, Bmkr2c
140 Milo E. Phillips, WT1c 348 James N. Phipps, Sea2c
141 Gerald H. Pirtle, F1c 349 Rudolph V. Piskuran, Sea2c
142 Herbert J. Poindexter, Jr., Sea1c 350 Brady O. Prewitt, Sea2c
143 Robert L. Pribble, FC3c 351 George F. Price, F1c
144 Lewis B. Pride, Jr., Ens 352 Jasper L. Pue, Jr., F3c
145 Paul S. Raimond, Sea1c 353 Eldon C. Ray, SK3c
146 Dan E. Reagan, F1c 354 Leo B. Regan, F1c
147 Irvin F. Rice, RM3c 355 Porter L. Rich, WT2c
148 Clyde Ridenour, Jr., RM3c 356 David J. Riley, Sea2c
149 Russell C. Roach, Sea1c 357 Joseph M. Robertson, Sea2c
150 Harold W. Roesch, Sea1c 358 Walter B. Rogers, F1c
S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
151 Joseph C. Rouse, Sea1c 359 Charles L. Ruse, Mus2c
152 Edmund T. Ryan, Y3c 360 Roman W. Sadlowski, EM3c
153 Kenneth H. Sampson, Sea1c 361 Dean S. Sanders, CMM (PA)
154 Charles L. Saunders, Sea2c 362 Lyal J. Savage, Sea1c
155 John E. Savidge, Sea1c 363 Paul E. Saylor, F1c
156 Walter F. Schleiter, F1c 364 Herman Schmidt, GM3c
157 Aloysius H. Schmitt, Lt. (jg) (ChC) 365 Andrew J. Schmitz, F1c
158 John H. Schoonover, PhM1c 366 Bernard O. Scott, MAtt1c
159 Chester E. Seaton, F1c 367 Verdi D. Sederstrom, Ens
160 William L. Sellon, Sea2c 368 Everett I. Severinson, SF1c
161 William K. Shafer, F2c 369 William J. Shanahan, Jr., SM3c
162 Edward J. Shelden, FC1c 370 William G. Silva, GM1c
163 Eugene M. Skaggs, SM1c 372 Garold L. Skiles, Sea2c
164 Edward F. Slapikas, Sea1c 373 Leonard F. Smith, Msmth1c
165 Merle A. Smith, EM3c 374 Rowland H. Smith, Mus1c
166 Walter H. Sollie, WT1c 375 James C. Solomon, Sea1c
167 Maurice V. Spangler, Sea1c 376 Kirby R. Stapleton, Sea1c
168 Ulis C. Steely, MM1c 377 Walter C. Stein, Sea1c
169 Samuel C. Steiner, F1c 378 Charles M. Stern, Jr., Ens
170 Everett R. Stewart, MM2c 379 Lewis S. Stockdate, Ens
171 Donald A. Stott, Sea1c 380 Robert T. Stout, FC3c
172 James Stouten, CBM (AA) 381 Milton R. Surratt, Sea1c
173 Charles H. Swanson, MM1c 382 Edward E. Talbert, Sea1c
174 Rangner F. Tanner, Jr., Sea2c 383 Monroe Temple, Sea1c
175 Houston Temples, Sea1c 384 Benjamin C. Terhune, F2c
176 Arthur R. Thinnes, Sea2c 385 Charles W. Thompson, F1c
177 Clarence Thompson, SC1c 386 George A. Thompson, Sea2c
178 Irvin A. R. Thompson, Ens 387 William M. Thompson, Ens
179 Richard J. Thomson, Sea2c 388 Cecil H. Thornton, Sea2c
180 Robert L. Thrombley, Sea2c 389 David F. Tidball, Sea1c
181 Lloyd R. Timm, Sea2c 390 Lewis F. Tindall, F1c
182 Dante S. Tini, RM3c 391 Henry G. Tipton, Sea1c
183 Everett C. Titterington, F1c 392 Neal K. Todd, F1c
184 Natale I. Torti, Sea1c 393 Orval A. Tranbarger, Sea1c
185 Harold F. Trapp, FC2c 394 William H. Trapp, EM3c
186 Shelby Treadway, GM3c 395 William D. Tucker, F1c
187 Victor P. Tumlinson, FC3c 396 Billy Turner, Sea1c
188 Louis J. Tushla, F1c 397 Russell O. Ufford, Sea2c
189 Lowell E. Valley, F2c 398 Durrell Wade, AMM2c
190 Lewis L. Wagoner, Sea2c 399 Harry E. Walker, SK1c
191 Robert N. Walkowiak, F3c 400 Eugene A. Walpole, Sea2c
192 Charles E. Walters, Sea2c 401 James R. Ward, Sea1c
193 Edward Wasielewski, Sea1c 402 Richard L. Watson, Sea1c
194 James C. Webb, F1c 403 William E. Welch, Sea1c
195 Alfred F. Wells, MM1c 404 Ernest R. West, Sea1c
196 John D. Wheeler, F2c 405 Claude White, CWT (PA)
197 Jack D. White, Sea1 406 Alton W. Whitson, EM3c
198 Eugene W. Wicker, Sea1c 407 Lloyd P. Wiegand, Mus2c
199 George J. Wilcox, Jr., Sea2c 408 Albert l. Williams, Mus2c
200 James C. Williams, Sea1c 409 Wilbur S. Williams, OS3c
S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
201 Bernard R. Wimmer, FC1c 410 Everett G. Windle, Sea2c
202 Starring B. Winfield, RM3c 411 Rex E. Wise, F1c
203 Frank Wood, Sea2c 412 Lawrence E. Woods, F1c
204 Winfred O. Woods, MM1c 413 Creighton H. Workman, F1c
205 John L. Wortham, GM2c 414 Paul R. Wright, CWT (PA)
206 Eldon P. Wyman, Ens 415 Martin D. Young, F2c
207 Robert V. Young, Sea1c 416 Joseph J. Yurko, WT1c
208 Thomas Zvansky, CSM (PA)