Pearl Harbor Attack

The USS Shaw DD-373 was a Mahan -class destroyer. She was commissioned on September 18, 1936, but she suffered from many mechanical problems and was not ready to join the fleet until 1938. She was present in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. At the time of the Japanese attack, the USS Shaw was in a floating drydock next to the main drydock facilities close to the USS Cassin and USS Downes. She received three bomb hits which started fires throughout the ship. While a valiant attempt was made to put out the fires, her firefighting facilities could not handle the blaze any further. The order to abandon ship was given, and the USS Shaw was left burning until her forward magazines detonated in the second most spectacular explosion at Pearl Harbor on that day. The floating drydock she was in sank, and her bow was blown clear off. Miraculously, she was deemed repairable. A temporary bow and helm position was installed, and she made for San Francisco. After repairs were completed, including the installation of a new bow, she headed for the war zone. She served throughout the Pacific Theater and was decommissioned on October 2, 1945. Below is a list of the personnel killed on December 7, 1941. Please view the list to learn the names of those who lost their lives on that day.

December 7, 1941, just as the USS Shaw exploded. The stern of the USS Nevada can be seen in the foreground. (80-G-16871), Unknown navy photographer, US archives, PD-USGov

Photo #: NH 43530 - USS Shaw (DD-373) - At the Mare Island Navy Yard, circa mid-February 1942, just after she arrived to receive a new bow and other repairs of damage from the 7 December 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Note her temporary bow, installed just forward of the foremast. Submarine on the building ways in the left distance is probably Whale (SS-239). , Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center., from, PD-USGov

S. No. Name, Rank S. No. Name, Rank
1 Frank J. Annunziato, Sea1c 14 Anthony Bilyi, SC3c
2 Albert J. Bolen, F1c 15 Guy W. Carroll, QM2c
3 Leon Egbert, MAtt2c 16 Fred Fugate, CCStd (PA)
4 Joseph L. B. Gaudrault, Sea1c 17 Paul G. Gosnell, GM1c
5 Rodney W. Jones, Sea2c 18 John S. McAllen, Sea2c
6 Robert C. McQuade, Sea1c 19 Clyde C. Moore, RM2c
7 Chester L. Parks, Sea1c 20 George A. Penuel, Jr., BM2c
8 Robert A. Petz, Sea1c 21 Daniel P. Platschorre, Sea2c
9 Edward J. Quirk, F1c 22 John T. Rainbolt, F1c
10 Benjamin N. Russell, AS 23 Johnnie H. Spaeth, Sea2c
11 Frank W. Stief, Jr., SC2c 24 Palmer L. Taylor, MAtt1c
12 James R. Westbrook, Sea1c 25 Clyde Williams, Sea1c
13 Ernest C. Porter, Jr., EM2c