Kauai to Pearl Harbor - Tour # 2

Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona Memorial, Visitor Center Pearl Harbor, A Honolulu City Tour And Diamond Head Crater Tour

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About This Activity

Best price guarantee:Yes Tour guide:Local Expert Tour Guide Included Price for adult + 14 year:$650 Discounted $375
Airline & Admission tickets:All Included Language: English Price for Child(4-13):$600 Discounted $350
Instant confirmation:Yes Pickup Location:Honolulu airport Price for on lap infantFree
CancellationNoncancelable and nonrefundable Drop off Location:Honolulu airport Length of activity:10 hours + flight time

Tour Highlights

Tour Description

Suppose you have selected an Island other than Oahu for your Hawaiian vacation. In that case, it does not mean that you will have to miss out on the most visited attraction in Hawaii, the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. There are many Pearl Harbor tours that one could take. In our opinion, our Kauai to Pearl Harbor Tour is the best Pearl Harbor tour for those who want to see, Hawaii’s number one tourist attraction as well as take a hike on one of Oahu’s signature landmarks; Diamond Head Crater. Take a short hop over to Oahu with our Pearl Harbor Tour from Kauai which included your round-trip airline tickets. This is a small group Kauai to Pearl Harbor tour. Unlike other large bus tours of 25-60 people, you will be picked up from the Honolulu International airport (HNL) as part of a small group of  just 14 people. One worry many people have is how to get Pearl Harbor tour tickets. With this Tour, there is no need to worry. You do not need to wait in line behind thousands of other people to see if you can get a ticket for the Arizona Memorial. We have reserved a ticket for the Arizona Memorial for you in advance. This ticket is included for you in the Tour ( please read our disclaimer about the USS Arizona Memorial ticket ). Therefore, you do not need to worry about an Arizona Memorial ticket. You will also be able to start your morning with a bottle of water when you arrive at Pearl Harbor. This is a full-day Kauai to Pearl Harbor tour ( about 10-12 hours, including flight times ). This full-day Pearl Harbor Tour from Kauai operates from the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

This Tour takes you from the Honolulu International Airport to the historic location of Pearl Harbor on Oahu, the most visited attraction in Hawaii. This Pearl Harbor tour is the perfect choice for those who  to spend their day enjoying the history of the United States and the beautiful history and nature of the Hawaiian Islands. You will be taken to the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center and see the two museums, “Road to War” and “Attack,” detailing the cause of the attack as well as details on the attack itself. View the 23-minute film on the Japanese surprise attack featuring footage taken during the attack. Take the Navy shuttle boat to Arizona Memorial.  Then, we will go on a drive-through tour of downtown Honolulu. You will see the golden statue of Hawaii’s most famous leader, King Kamehameha the Great, who united the Hawaiian Islands. View the famous Iolani Palace, the only Royal Palace on American soil featured in popular American television shows such as Hawaii Five O. See Washington Place, the historic home of Hawaii’s Royalty and Governors alike. View the unique architecture of the Hawaii State Capitol building. We will also take you on a drive-through of Punchbowl Cemetery, the final resting place of U.S. service members from WWI to the present. Then, We will drop you off at Diamond Head crater. This extinct volcano is an iconic part of Honolulu’s skyline. You will hike up the crater and have a breathtaking view of the Island below. After an exciting and beautiful day, we will return you to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport after driving through the world-famous Waikiki Beach for your flight back to Kauai. This could be one of the most beautiful days of your life.

What Is Included In This Tour

  • Round-trip airline Tickets from the Lihue Airport, Kauai (LIH) to the Honolulu International Airport (HNL) are included with this Tour.
  • Round-trip pickup/drop off from the Honolulu International Airport (HNL)
  • We will provide complimentary bottle of water when you arrive at Pearl Harbor
  • Reserve Ticket for Arizona Memorial
  • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center
  • Two museums, “Road to War” and “Attack”
  • Watch the original footage video of the Japanese surprise attack on December 7th, 1941
  • Ride the U.S. Navy shuttle boat to Arizona Memorial Monument
  • Complete Honolulu City Tour viewing:
  • Historical Downtown Honolulu
  • Iolani palace
  • Hawaii State Capitol
  • Golden statue of King Kamehameha the Great
  • Washington Place
  • Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery
  • Diamond Head State Park (ticket included)
  • Pickup from Diamond Head
  • A drive-through of beautiful Waikiki Beach
  • Your return transfer to the Honolulu International Airport
  • A can of Tropical Hawaiian fruit juice for every passenger
  • Each passenger on this Tour will receive a GIFT BAG from us at the end of the Tour.
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What Is Not Included

Driver/tour guide gratuity

Special Terms And Conditions For Pearl Harbor Tour From Other Islands:

Please understand that this is not a normal Pearl Harbor tour. Most Pearl Harbor tours operate only on the Island of Oahu. There are multiple parties involved with this tour, Pearl Harbor, the tour company, the Arizona Memorial tickets, or the airline. If one of these changes, it can greatly impact your tour. For example, if the flight schedule has changed or if the flight is delayed, or if one of the attractions is closed for some reason, there is a possibility that you may miss a portion of your tour or changes would need to be made to your tour itinerary. By booking this tour, you understand and agree with these facts about your tour and that you are authorizing us to make changes to your tour if required.

Please understand that there is a third party involved with this tour namely, the airline. If you book this tour and the date you requested is not available or the available flights do not match your tour, we will cancel and refund your tour with no penalty.

We will be sending your flight information in a separate confirmation within 48 hours of booking this tour.

1- A moderate amount of walking is involved in this tour. 2- Please be sure to be ready for pickup at the designated pickup location at least a few minutes before the appointed time. 3- The tour vehicle will not be able to wait for you and will have to continue with the pickups.4- Please exercise care while entering or exiting the tour vehicle as there may be a high step into or out of the vehicle. 5- No bags of any kind, brand, size, color, or for any reason are allowed to enter the Pearl Harbor visitor center. 6- Please absolutely bring no bags with you. 7- Bags may not be left inside our tour vehicle. 8- If you have a bag, you will need to check them into the visitor center bag storage. 9- This costs money, and you may have to wait in a long line to check in your bags. 10- You may lose a portion of your tour, or your Arizona boat ticket may expire. 11- Please do not bring any bag of any size, color, or brand with you for any purpose. (Clear see-through bags are permitted should you need to bring essential items such as diapers and formula for infants or medication such as insulin). 12- Please pay attention to the weather reports; if you feel you need to, you may bring a jacket, but we will not be able to hold on to it for you should you end up not needing it, and you will have to take it with you on the entire tour. 13- Tour and ticket times may change based on traffic, federal government regulations, or new Pearl Harbor restrictions.14- No food or drink is allowed on the tour vehicle. While many of us enjoy a hot cup of coffee to start the day, please drink it well before the pickup time. Beverages are not allowed on the tour vehicle, and if you have any with you, you must dispose of them before boarding the vehicle. 15- (Covered water bottles containing water are permitted.) For the safety of all passengers, weapons are not allowed on the tour vehicle.

1- As a Federal facility, All current Federal COVID rules apply. 2- Please carry a government-issued photo I.D. with you (not necessary for young children) as it may be required to go to Ford Island, which is inside an active U.S. military base. 3- No food or drinks are allowed in the theater or aboard the Arizona Memorial Monument. (Covered water bottles containing water are permitted.). 4- For passengers with young children, be advised that strollers are allowed in the Pear Harbor National Memorial Visitor’s Center. However, they are not permitted on the shuttle boat to the Arizona Memorial. Instead, they may be left on the side and reclaimed when you return from the Memorial. (Park staff will direct you where to leave the stroller.) 5- Clear see-through bags are permitted for diapers and infant formula. 6- Please be aware that the Pearl Harbor National Memorial does have a dress code. Casual wear is allowed, but swimwear is prohibited. 7- Covered footwear is highly recommended. 8- Sunscreen is recommended because the visitor center and other Pearl Harbor attractions are mostly open areas. 9- Cameras are allowed. However, large telephoto lenses capable of long-range photography is prohibited. 10- Please refrain from taking pictures on the shuttle bus over to Ford Island. 11- The U.S. Navy has the right to cancel the Arizona Memorial shuttle boat at any time due to public safety. However, we have no control over the U.S. navy or other organizations in charge. 12- Ford Island is part of the active military base, Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickam, and the U.S. Government has the right to restrict access to Ford Island without notice. 13- Please be advised that no weapons are allowed at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. 14- Pearl Harbor is a smoke-free facility.

1- Rates are subject to Hawaii State tax. 2- Rates and schedules are subject to change without notice, and all confirmed reservations will be honored. 3- Lunch is not included in the tours unless it is specified in the description of the tour. 4- Food is available at Pearl Harbor to purchase. 5- You will receive a full refund if the tour is canceled in writing at least 24 hours before the service date for all group tours. 6- We shall not be liable for any injury, loss, damage, or accident to persons or property of any individual on tour from any cause beyond its control. 7- We are not responsible for and do not extend financial reimbursement for delays caused by factors beyond our control, such as traffic, weather, sudden mechanical issues, car accident, or problems concerning the Navy-operated shuttle boats. The U.S. Navy reserves the right to shut down the boats for public safety at any time. Such action is beyond our control and power. 8- We cannot be held responsible for the actions of the U.S. Navy or the National Park Service. 9- The duration of transfers is approximate. 10- The exact duration is subject to the time of day and traffic conditions. 11- Pearl Harbor National Memorial is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Special Policy For Pearl Harbor Tours

No Show for Pearl Harbor Tour

Everyone should be ready for pickup at the agreed-upon pickup location at least 10-15 minutes before pickup begins, as the driver will not be able to wait for you. While we understand that circumstances may prevent you from being able to show up for the tour, please understand that if you are not at the agreed-upon pickup location, there is nothing we can do. The vehicle will have to leave, and you will be considered a no-show. At that point, it would be less than 24 hours prior to your tour, and there can be no refund. If you do end up missing your pickup, please contact us, and we may be able to work something out with you. Such as booking another tour at a discounted rate if there is availability.

Late for your Pearl Harbor Tour

Please be ready at the agreed-upon pickup location at least 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of pickup time. When the driver arrives, they will not be able to wait for you, and if you are not ready at the pickup location, they will have to move on. You will be considered a no-show.

Cancellation of your Pearl Harbor Tour

You may cancel within 24 hours of the service date for a full refund. If your tour includes airline tickets, it is noncancelable and nonrefundable. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing.

Show up late for your Pearl Harbor Tour (Walk into Pearl Harbor)

We are a tour company that is not affiliated with Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is administered by the National Park Service. The National Park Service has strict regulations against tour companies meeting people in Pearl Harbor. If you miss your tour, please contact us. Do not go directly to Pearl Harbor because we will not be able to help you there. We may be able to work something out with you if we are able.

The client is willing to waive their tour transportation and show up at Pearl Harbor for their tour.

We are a tour company that is not affiliated with Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is administered by the National Park Service. The National Park Service has strict regulations against tour companies meeting people in Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is federal property and is managed by the federal authorities. Federal law prohibits us from meeting with clients at Pearl Harbor. You need to be in our vehicle and arrive at Pearl Harbor to be able to use our Arizona Memorial ticket. We are not willing to break the law for those who want to meet our suppliers or us in Pearl Harbor. We have pickups in Waikiki, the Honolulu Cruise Port, and Honolulu International Airport. Please choose a location for pickup.

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Here are some points of Interest that you will see on your tour

Tree of life

The tree of life is a sculpture in Pearl Harbor located at the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center just outside of the “Road to War exhibit gallery.” The sculpture was designed by Alfred Preis, who also designed the USS Arizona Memorial. The sculpture is meant to be a symbol of renewal and inspire contemplation. While you are at Pearl Harbor, be sure to check out this unique work of art. Don’t forget to also visit the exhibit galleries “Road to War” and “Attack.”


Lone Sailor

The statue known as “the Lone Sailor” is a tribute to all personnel in the sea services past, present, and future. This statue was sculpted by Stanley Bleifeld using a real sailor, PO1 Dan Maloney as the model. The initials and last name on the sea bag belong to Rear Admiral William Thompson, the first president of the Navy Memorial Foundation. The foundation raised funds for the creation of the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. The bronze used for the original sculpture is said to have had several historical artifacts added to it during the smelting process.



Son of a chief on the Island of Hawaii, he would aspire to great things. Through various military campaigns, he would come to conquer every Hawaiian Island except Kauai. This Island would become part of the Kingdom through diplomacy. King Kamehameha utilized European weapons in his conquest of the Islands and established trade with Europeans who came to the Islands. In addition, he enacted a set of uniform laws and taxation system throughout the Kingdom. King Kamehameha passed away in 1819. In line with ancient Hawaiian customs, his burial place is unknown.


Diamond Head

No one thing in the Honolulu skyline is more recognizable than Diamond Head. The dormant volcano rises out of the ground to dominate the Waikiki skyline. Diamond Head was named for the greenish olivine crystals found in the crater. These were mistaken for diamonds by early European travelers. As part of Fort Ruger, Diamond Head once housed Battery Harlow a coastal defense battery of 12-inch mortars and associated observation points. The coastal guns are long gone now. Diamond Head is accessible to the public with paid admission. The hike is about 1.6 miles up to the summit. Those who manage to hike up to the summit are rewarded with an amazing view of Waikiki below.


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